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Finding time to get away from the exhausting pressures of life is difficult. And even when you do find time to get away from it all, finding suitable activities to do with your family can be a tiresome task as well. Take some stress out of your already busy life and save some cash with Zoo Coupons!

The zoo, the animal fair, a menagerie, whatever you want to call it, we call it real family entertainment.

Let us just remind you of a few of the reasons you’ll want to load the munchkins into the car and head to the zoo in your town (or you can hit one of the famous zoos on your next family vacations.) Check out zoo directories for a full list of great zoos across the country and free printable zoo coupons.

First stop, the petting zoo. No doubt you remember them from your own childhood. Of course, all zoos maintain a kid-friendly petting zoo. Remember the tiny, gentle animals willing to let kids chase, pet, and feed them? It’s heaven for any kid. And as a parent or grandparent, what’s cuter than a pint-sized kid along side a pint-sized pony? Just don’t forget the camera.

Plus, since most of us rarely get a chance to interact with animals, the petting zoo is fun for the whole gang.

Now on the topic of small and cute, don’t forget about the baby zoo animals. Every year there are baby animals born in captivity. This is usually a community event complete with birthday celebrations and baby-naming contests. Be a part of the action by spending a day or two at the zoo.

The best way to make sure you don’t miss any of the exciting activities is to become a zoo member. The cost of zoo membership is easy to justify. It’s usually about the same price as visiting the zoo a couple of times a year. Plus, when you factor in the savings from free zoo coupons it’s an easy decision—spring for the family membership pass to your favorite zoo. There’s plenty to do on every visit.

Today the zoo is far more than monkey houses and lion cages. Zoos are about conservation and protecting our animals. You’ll find each animal is housed in its ideal habitat. The Oregon Zoo in Portland is the perfect place to experience animals living in a wildlife sanctuary.

Imagine the thrill of peering through an underwater window and watching a mamma polar bear teaching her cubs to swim! It’s the perfect alternative to more television and video games. It’s nature up close, real, and interesting.

An exciting zoo is the perfect setting for children to learn about:

  • Responsibilities to the planet
  • Endangered animals
  • Protesting natural habitats
  • Sustainability and adaptation
  • And much more

As a service to our children and our community, zoos offer education programs. And these programs are not just limited to school groups. Bring the whole family or bring a date.

Enjoy fun activities including:

  • Zoo Family Campouts
  • Meet and Greet the Animals
  • Behind-the-Scenes Tours
  • Junior Apprentice Zookeeper
  • Classes, Assemblies, Workshops
  • And more

Don’t forget that zoos are open year round. The animals don’t go anywhere, and neither do the creative zoo activities. At Halloween take part in zoo Trick-or-Treating. On the winter nights come see the lights or celebrate a new year, or just drop in for zoo-after-dark activities.

And one final reason to visit a zoo near party! Give your kid the coolest birthday party ever—a zoo party. You can even take it a step further, and do a zoo slumber party. Yep, they actually have those. It’s 100% fun and completely unique.

Check out the great deals you can get with printable zoo coupons. You’ll find discounts on zoo entry fees, the gift shops, and even coupons for on-site restaurants. All this savings is free, fast, easy and accessible with the click of a mouse. Online coupons are a much better option than say…meeting some discount-ticket guy behind the shark tank. See you at the zoo.